Support Services

The Support Services team is in place to help clients with any concerns or issue they may have. They will act as your advocate and manage the resolution of your issues.

Aplifi Support Contact Details

Phone: 1.800.861.8908 ext 2
Hours: M-F 8:30 AM - 5:30PM EST Excluding NYSE holidays

If you have a critical issue that needs immediate attention, please contact the Aplifi Help Desk directly at the numbers provide above.

Customer Change Order Requests

Change Order - Aplifi Change Order Link

This page is for existing customers who would like to submit change orders. Should you have questions about its use please contact support at 800.861.8908 Option 2

Helpful Links

SharePoint - Client Portal
Aplifi's Client SharePoint site provides secure access for file transmission between Aplifi and its partners.

Wiki -
The Aplifi's Wiki is an interactive encyclopedia and collaborative knowledge sharing center. Here you will find a fully searchable database of information on a wide variety of questions and issues, including user guides and other documentation. One important aspect of the Wiki is that any user can edit the Wiki or post new information to the knowledge base. So you can learn from Froggers, the community or share your knowledge by adding new items and enhancing old items for the benefit group.

ApZilla -
The Aplifi's Frogzilla site is used to track issue found during any UAT cycle with the product? Log into Frogzilla, open an issue and receive automated e-mail notification as your issue is worked, tracked and resolved by our team


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Carrier Production - (Supports Internet Explorer Only)

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