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Policy Box Demonstration: Every Tuesday - 3:00 PM EST

In this free 60-minute Webcast, Aplifi will outline the top requirements for ePolicy Delivery and explain how this cost effective solution can quickly and easily fit into your business. The presentation will include a solution demonstration that will highlight how to:

AFFIRM for Life Demonstration: Every Wednesday - 3:00 PM EST

AFFIRM for Life is quickly becoming the standard choice in electronic life applications for broker dealers, banks, and both career and independent distribution. This free 60-minute webcast will show you how a flexible and easy to use eApplication will dramatically increase your business while decreasing cost. The presentation will include a short demonstration highlighting:

AFFIRM for Annuities Demonstration: Every Thursday - 3:00 PM EST

AFFIRM for Annuities is one of the industry's leading compliance based annuity entry platforms. This easy to use platform allows carriers to maintain their own products while providing distributors the ability to manage workflow and compliance related needs. Join us for a 60-minute webcast to learn more.