PolicyBox is a “patented” unique electronic policy and post issue document delivery system for the Insurance and Finance Industry.

This purely web based system allows for much more than simple pdf delivery to the consumer. Instead PolicyBox allows for each level of the distribution channel to offer its own branding and marketing appeal to its downstream customer. Whether you are a carrier, General Agency, Broker Dealer, or producer PolicyBox will support your needs.

Flexible business rules support various routing complexities, non-deliverables, unopened packages, stop and print processes, and more through an easy to use interface. In addition, PolicyBox takes your client all the way through the process with integrated questions for policy validation through electronic signature with fillable forms.

Flexibility is important to organizations like yours and with PolicyBox you are in control of your own workflow. We also offer an open API that allows for data transfer in and out of PolicyBox to meet your needs.

Cross Sell and Upsell with PolicyBox

PolicyBox has intelligent rules that prompt the consumer to look at additional coverage amounts and other types of products during the delivery process. As an example this simple to use process can allow the consumer to add additional benefit amounts on the fly, based on predetermined underwriting approval. PolicyBox builds the addendum form and allows the client to sign electronically.



  • No other system on the market offers what PolicyBox can deliver
  • Robust rules engine that allows each level of the channel to meet their own workflow needs
  • Allows Carriers, Agencies, and Producers to create supplemental pages, include marketing materials, attach advertisements, and brand the experience uniquely to their downline.
  • Includes a fully compliant solution from the beginning of the process until the end. Provides electronic signing and evidence chain
  • Supports all products – Life, Annuity, Disability, Health, Long Term Care, as well as Property and Casualty
  • Allows carriers, agencies, and producers to aggregate all of their policies into a single system – eliminating multiple logins and multiple websites.
  • Reduced cost and time through the entire process
  • Complete user administration including roles and privileges
  • Provides a means for your company to promote “green” habits


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