AFFIRM™ for Annuities is a "Compliance & Order Management" system designed to integrate a carrier's complex product rules with a distributor's compliance processing to generate transactions that are "in good order". Compliant annuity applications are then electronically submitted to carriers for processing after successfully passing all supervisory reviews required by the distributor.

Standards Based

AFFIRM™ fully utilizes the ACORD Product Profile, allowing carriers to provide distributors all of their product rules electronically, and using a standard method. Completed Applications can be delivered to Carriers electronically using the DTCC Insurance Processing Services APP format or the ACORD New Business for Annuity format (NBfA).


  • Distributor business rules
  • Carrier Product Profile rules
  • Forms library and management
  • Form generation tools
  • L&A checks
  • Distributor integration with back office
  • Single sign-on and authentication
  • Complete user administration including roles and privileges
  • Support for both New Business & Subsequent Premiums
  • Support for all riders and service features
  • Support for asset allocation and multiple order funding methods
  • Support for commissions & team selling
  • Order routing via electronic application or PDF forms.
  • Compliance Management
  • Full reporting and audit tracking.

We Leverage Technology to Broaden Distribution

Increasing the volume of life and annuity applications is critical to the joint success of insurance companies and their distribution partners. Every component of Aplifi’s product offering is fine tuned to improve the experience of the financial advisor or producer, decrease the cycle time to place business, improve placement ratios and institutionalize the compliance practices of regulated distributors. The AFFIRM™ platform enables insurance companies to keep their own product and form information updated through accepted industry standards while supporting custom integration with each distribution partner. AFFIRM™ provides current status of the application process to each financial advisor and producer right on their desktop freeing them to pursue additional business. The AFFIRM™ platform is the right choice to simplify selling life insurance, annuities, long term care or disability health insurance.



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