About Our Company

Established in 1996, Aplifi is a leading technology and service provider to the life and annuity industry. Widely recognized for our focus on broadening distribution and increasing transaction volume our flexible solutions for carriers, distributors, and producers dramatically streamline and automate everything from client prospecting to electronic policy delivery.

These offerings include platforms and services that simplify the process of selling insurance at every step. Used as stand alone platforms or integrated together our client relationship management system, quoting and forms management, electronic applications for life and annuity along with electronic policy delivery empower our customers to radically market, sell, and process business better.

Today, Aplifi provides a vast array of process automation and seamless integration to more than 50 of the country's largest and most well known insurance carriers along with over 1,000 distributors and their financial professionals. Our systems account for hundreds of thousands of transactions with deposit and premium values exceeding $20 billion annually.

Why We Succeed

We understand that offering great products is only half of the equation. Our focus is to understand and improve the user's experience throughout the process. We dedicate ourselves daily to complete customer service and support by focusing on our customer's success.

We accomplish this through:

We Leverage Technology to Broaden Distribution

Increasing the volume of life and annuity applications is critical to the joint success of insurance companies and their distribution partners. Every component of Aplifi's product offering is fine tuned to improve the experience of the financial advisor or producer, decrease the cycle time to place business, improve placement ratios and institutionalize the compliance practices of regulated distributors.

Our platforms enable insurance companies to keep their own product and form information updated through accepted industry standards while supporting custom integration with each distribution partner. Combine these unique advantages with Aplifi's turnkey user adoption program and all parties see immense growth in both application count and premium.

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